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Are you looking for animation courses in Wayanad? Search no further! Welcome to Xen Educations! We are happy to invite you on a magical journey into the world of animation. Learn 2D and 3D animation with our latest technologies. Our experienced trainers will guide you through the world of animation and prepare you for future success. Join us and start on a journey to success!

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8 Months Duration

Xen Education offers the best Animation course in Wayanad, Which spans a focused 8-Months duration (6 month course and 2-month internship)

eight months

8 Months Duration

Xen Education offers the best Animation course in Wayanad, Which spans a focused 8-Months duration (6 month course and 2-month internship).


25+ Modules

We provide training with 25+ modules, equipping you for real-world success.

25+ modules

25+ Modules

We provide training with 25+ modules, equipping you for real-world success.


30+ Tools

Empower you with 30+ industry-leading tools for real-world success through practical training.

30+ tools

30+ Tools

Empower you with 30+ industry-leading tools for real-world success through practical training.

40000 fees

₹40,000 Fees

Invest for your future in Xen Education, at an attractive package of 40k, ensuring a valuable return on your career advancement.

40000 fees

₹40,000 Fees

Invest for your future in Xen Education, at an attractive package of 40k, ensuring a valuable return on your career advancement.


A Great Approach for Developing Your Talent

Join our animation course at Xen Education for an exciting journey into the world of creativity! Learn about 2D and 3D animation with our top trainers. They will guide you through hands-on activities and share helpful advice. In the magical world of animation, unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life. Enroll in Wayanad's best animation course offered by Xen Education.

one year
8 Months Duration
50+ modules
25+ Modules
30+ tools
30+ Tools
40,000 fees
₹40,000 Fees

Window of Opportunities

Animation provides endless opportunities in many different industries. It ranges from creating virtual reality and game experiences to creating successful TV shows and movies. Due to the surging demand for animation across various sectors like advertising, gaming, entertainment, and education, animation professionals enjoy diverse career opportunities. Animators create realistic digital worlds, improve live-action movies, and develop realistic simulations with visual effects (VFX). Future animators need education and training to grow their careers and maintain their position of excellence in this field. Xen Education provides complete animation courses in Wayanad, including character design, storyboarding, 3D modeling, 2D modeling rigging, texturing, animation concepts, etc.

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Career Opportunities After Learning Animation

After completing the animation course, you will have many job opportunities. Animation brings ideas and experiences to life across various media forms, including video games, advertising, education, science, film, and television. This growing demand for animation expertise is driving an increase in animator jobs. Video game designers use animation to create characters, environments, and imaginative elements to create immersive gaming experiences. Even the healthcare sector uses animation for medical visualization and training. The booming animation industry opens doors for aspiring animators. Launch your career with Xen Education, Wayanad's best animation training institute.

Freelancing Animation Work Opportunities

There are many opportunities in the freelancing field for those studying animation. Launch your freelance career with animation skills from industry experts in our immersive course. Our institute not only teaches the fundamentals of animation but also prepares you for the freelance market, where creativity meets opportunity. Learn from industry experts at Xen Education, develop your unique style, and gain the confidence to take on independent animation projects. As an animation student, you can open up many opportunities in the field of freelancing and thereby become self-sufficient.

Remote work
Launch your startup

Launch Your Entrepreneurship

At Xen Education, the best animation institute in Wayanad, we teach you how to make cool animations. But here's the exciting part: we don't just stop at getting you a job; we help you think bigger. Our courses are like training for starting your own animation business. You could create cartoons, make unique animations, and launch your startup. At Xen Education, we are not just teaching you about jobs but also about turning your creativity into a business venture.

List Of Modules

  1. 1. Introduction to Animation
  2. 2. Software Overview
  3. 3. Storytelling
  4. 4. Scriptwriting
  5. 5. Concept Development
  6. 6. Production Planning and Scheduling
  7. 7. Drawing Fundamentals
  8. 8. Principles of Animation
  9. 9. Timing and Spacing
  1. 10. Lip-Syncing
  2. 11. 2D Animation Techniques
  3. 12. 3D Animation Fundamentals
  4. 13. Effects Animation
  5. 14. Character Design & Development
  6. 15. Advanced Character Animation
  7. 16. Advanced 2D Animation Techniques
  8. 17. Character Rigging in 3D
  9. 18. Particle Systems and Simulations
  1. 19. Lighting and Rendering in 3D
  2. 20. Combining 2D and 3D Elements
  3. 21. Animation for Games
  4. 22. Motion Graphics
  5. 23. Visual Effects (VFX) in Animation
  6. 24. Animation for Virtual Reality (VR)
  7. 25. Animation for Augmented Reality (AR)
  8. 26. Building an Animation Portfolio
  9. 27. Freelancing and Entrepreneurship

What you will learn after the Animation Course

Animation Techniques

Animation is making things move on a screen. You can draw by hand or use computers for 3D. Stop motion takes toy pictures, and clay animation molds characters from soft stuff. Pixilation animates real people, and rotoscoping blends drawings with live-action footage. Cutout animation involves moving paper cutouts around, while computer-assisted animation combines modern techniques.

Software Proficiency

For artists to realize their visions, mastery of animation tools is essential. Animated worlds, character design, and movement are all made possible using software such as Blender, Autodesk Maya, and Adobe Animate. Animation software has empowered artists. It streamlines the creative process, fostering free expression and keeping them competitive in the ever-evolving animation industry.

Character Design

Creating characters in anime is like creating main characters in a story. Animators breathe life into characters, capturing the essence of the story through imaginative design. Every detail, from expression to clothing, contributes to a unique and compelling character. A strong character cast adds more magic to the animation and helps the viewer connect with the plot.

Motion Graphics

Using moving images to tell stories is the art of motion graphics. Designers breathe life into text, pictures, and logos using tools like Adobe After Effects, making the content more appealing. This process involves fusing technological knowledge with creative thinking to produce visually stunning and impactful messages concisely and dynamically.

Special Effects (VFX)

The special effects in the animation make things look great! They are like magic touches that bring explosions, transformations, and other awesome stuff to animated scenes. Imagine a futuristic adventure or a fantastical world brought to life with captivating animation effects. These effects spark excitement and hold the audience's attention.

3D Modeling

3D modeling in animation is comparable to creating digital sculptures. Animators use specialized software to meticulously sculpt the forms and textures of realistic scenes and lifelike characters, imbuing every form and texture with movement and expression, just like an artist working with virtual clay.

Why Should I Learn Animation

What Makes Us Different

Practical learning

Practical Learning

We prioritize practical learning as the core of our approach. We go beyond theory, providing hands-on experiences that empower our students to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Daily exams

Daily Exams

Xen Education, the best animation course in Wayanad, bridges the gap between learning and practice through daily exams. Our students take theoretical and practical exams daily to enhance their academic excellence.

Working for real cliente

Working For Real Clients

One of the key elements that sets Xen Education apart is our commitment to students by providing an opportunity to work with real clients. They can actively participate in projects that involve genuine client work.

Placement assistance

Placement Assistance

At Xen Education, our commitment extends beyond training; we're dedicated to launching our students' careers. Our 100% placement assistance program includes mock interviews, resume preparation, and industry connections to ensure you're well-prepared for success.

Internship opportunity

Internship Opportunity

Xen Education provides a two-month internship program where students work on real-world projects, allowing them to apply their theoretical knowledge in practical settings.

Learn from industrial experts

Focus on Innovation

We encourage innovative thinking and creativity, fostering an environment where students can explore new ideas and methodologies.

Internship program
Internship program

Enriching Internship program

We offer exhilarating internships guided by seasoned professionals. Gain hands-on experience, harness industry insights, and propel your career forward under the mentorship of experts.

Mentorship and Guidance

Career Growth

Industry Certification Partnerships

AI-Driven Learning

Industry Insight view

Networking Opportunities

Real-time Working Environment

Skill Development Section

Potential Job Offers

Hands-on projects

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