UI/UX Experience with Xen Education.

Welcome to XEN Education, the premier UI/UX Institute in Wayanad. Enter the dynamic realm of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design through our institute, a hub of creativity, knowledge, and expertise. We shape the future of digital experiences and lead the way in UI/UX design courses and Web designing. Offering the latest industry insights and hands-on experience, our dedicated instructors and industry connections prepare our students for successful careers in UI and UX design.


6-Months Duration

XEN Education offers Best UI/UX Course In Wayanad, Which spans a focused 6-Month duration (4-month course and 2-month internship).

8 months

6-Months Duration

XEN Education offers Best UI/UX Course In Wayanad, Which spans a focused 6-Month duration (4-month course and 2-month internship).


25+ Modules

We provide training with 25+ modules, equipping you for real-world success.

25+ modules

25+ Modules

We provide training with 25+ modules, equipping you for real-world success.

UI UX tools

30+ Tools

Empowers you with 30+ industry-leading tools for real-world success through practical training.

UI UX tools

30+ Tools

Empowers you with 30+ industry-leading tools for real-world success through practical training.


₹50,000 Fees

Invest for your future in XEN Education, at an attractive package of 50k, ensuring a valuable return on your career advancement.


₹50,000 Fees

Invest for your future in XEN education attractive package of 50k, ensuring a valuable return on your career advancement.


An Innovative And Different Way To Improve Your Skills.

Explore an advanced approach with XEN Education to enhance your knowledge and elevate your UI/UX skills through our comprehensive UI/UX design course. With our innovative methodology, theory and real-world applications are seamlessly combined to provide you with a thorough educational experience. Discover the most recent developments in UI/UX through our top-notch UI/UX design course and Web designing course, and learn how to excel as an interaction designer, product designer, usability analyst, visual designer, web designer, user interface developer, as well as a UX/UI consultant. Being the best UI and UX Offline Training in Wayanad, our integrated approach gives you the tools to develop your abilities that you can use them with ease in the powerful digital world.

8 Months
25+ Modules
30+ Tools
₹50,000 Fees

Window of Opportunities

Accepting the transformative power of UI/UX design can lead to countless professional options. In this dynamic and ever-changing field, set out on a path to unmatched success and rapid growth.

ui ux designing

Creating the Future: Ignite Your Interest in UI/UX Design

Dive into the exciting world of UI/UX design with XEN Education's 'Designing the Future' course. Perfect for beginners interested in the realms of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. Prepare for a transformative journey where you'll master creating visually stunning, user-friendly digital experiences. Our top-notch UI/UX design for beginners and the best UI/UX design certification will equip you to shape the future of digital design. With supportive mentorship and hands-on experience, you'll be prepared to craft cutting-edge user interfaces.

Take Up Freelance Work

With XEN Education, you can start your freelance career journey and open up a world of opportunities while taking charge of your professional destiny. Our extensive courses including web designing course and UI/UX course give you the abilities, know-how, and self-assurance required to thrive in the quick-paced world of freelancing. Learn how to identify your specialty, attract clients, oversee projects, and establish a lucrative freelance business. You will acquire the knowledge and skills required to succeed in the freelance industry and obtain the independence and flexibility you desire with our help and direction.

UI UX freelancer
ui ux designer

UI/UX Mastery Can Help You Advance Your Career

XEN Education's UI/UX Mastery will help you advance your career with the best UI/UX Design certification. Our comprehensive courses will train you to be an expert UI/UX designer capable of creating seamless and captivating user experiences. Gain practical experience, skills, and a thorough understanding of design principles. Our institute, a top-rated UI/UX institute in Wayanad, is your entry point into the ever-changing world of user experience and interface design, whether you're a beginner or looking to advance your career.

List Of Modules

  • 1. Sketching
  • 2. Design Patterns
  • 3. Design Systems
  • 4. Inspiration
  • 5. Figma
  • 6. HTML 5
  • 7. User Flows
  • 8. CSS 3
  • 9. Wireframes
  1. 10. JavaScript
  2. 11. Spacing And Grids
  3. 12. Bootstrap 5
  4. 13. Typography
  5. 14. React JS
  6. 15. Color Theory
  7. 16. CSS Grid + CSS Layout
  8. 17. Visual Style And Exploration
  9. 18. Mobile Design
  1. 19. Forms And UI Elements
  2. 20. Responsive Web Design
  3. 21. Photoshop
  4. 22. Pattern Libraries
  5. 23. UI Animation
  6. 24. Emotional Design

What you will learn after UI/UX Course

User-Centered Design

After completing our UI/UX course at Xen Education, you will be an expert in User-Centered Design, putting users at the center of your creations. You'll learn how to conduct user research, design user interfaces, and create personas for your users. This user-centered approach ensures that your designs are not only visually appealing but also functional.

UI Prototyping

You'll be an expert in UI Prototyping after taking our UI/UX Course. Gain practical experience by bringing designs to life and designing user-friendly interfaces. Prepare to design and test novel interfaces to ensure a positive user experience. Join us for a life-changing learning experience in UI/UX design.

Visual Design

You'll dive into Visual Design after finishing the UI/UX Course. Learn the principles of layout, color, typography, and imagery to master the art of creating captivating user interfaces. Make a significant impact in the field by shaping the digital landscape with your creativity and innovation.

User Research

The UI/UX Course from Xen Education will teach you the skills and knowledge you need to create products and experiences that users adore. You'll learn about user research, interview techniques, insight extraction, and the principles of data-driven design. You'll be well-prepared for a successful career in UI/UX design with this foundation.

Usability Testing

You will gain a comprehensive skill set after completing the UI/UX Course, including expertise in usability testing. You will learn how to evaluate and improve user interfaces in order to provide a smooth and satisfying user experience. This practical knowledge will enable you to create user-friendly products and websites, making you a valuable asset in the field of UI/UX design.

Design Tools

After completing our UI/UX course, you'll be able to use industry-standard software such as Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma, and others. You'll use these tools to create captivating user interfaces and seamless user experiences, laying the groundwork for a rewarding career in the ever-changing world of design.

Why Should I Learn UI/UX

What Make Us Different

practical learning

Practical Learning

We prioritize practical learning as the core of our approach. We go beyond theory, providing hands-on experiences that empower our students to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.


Daily Exams

Xen education, being the best UI/UX institute in Wayanad, we bridge the gap between learning and practice by daily exams. Our students engage in theoretical and practical exams daily to foster their academic excellence.


Working For Real Clients

One of the key elements that sets XEN Education apart is our commitment to students by providing opportunity to work with real clients. They can actively participate in works that involve genuine client work.


Placement Assistance

At XEN Education, our commitment extends beyond training; we're dedicated to launching our students' careers. Our 100% placement assistance program includes mock interviews, resume preparation, Industry Connections to ensure you're well-prepared for success.


Internship Opportunity

XEN Education offers internship opportunities to our students for a period of two months. This internship allows them to work on real projects allowing them to apply their theoretical knowledge in real world settings.


Focus on Innovation

We encourage innovative thinking and creativity, fostering an environment where students can explore new ideas and methodologies.

ui ux course
ui ux course

Enriching Internship program

We offer exhilarating internships guided by seasoned professionals. Gain hands-on experience, harness industry insights, and propel your career forward under the mentorship of experts.

Mentorship and Guidance

Career Growth

Industry Certification Partnerships

AI-Driven Learning

Industry Insight view

Networking Opportunities

Real-time Working Environment

Skill Development Section

Potential Job Offers

Hands-on projects


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