Node JS Development Experience with Xen Education.

Welcome to Xen Education, your trusted destination for mastering the Node JS Development Course in Wayanad. Our comprehensive program, suitable for beginners and intermediate developers, offers a hands-on approach to building Node JS applications. Under the tutoring of our experienced teachers and trained experts with years of experience in the field, you will get good knowledge on Node JS. Build real-world Node JS projects to solidify your understanding of Node JS development. Launch your web development career with a high-quality education at Xen Education. Join us and start your journey to success!

NodeJS development

8 Months Duration

Xen Education offers the best Node JS development course in Wayanad, which spans a focused 8-month duration (6-month training and 2-month internship).

eight months

8 Months Duration

Xen Education offers the best Node JS development training in Wayanad, which spans a focused 8-month duration (6-month training and 2-month internship).


20+ Modules

We provide training with 20+ modules, equipping you for real-world success.

25+ modules

20+ Modules

We provide training with 20+ modules, equipping you for real-world success.

40000 fees

₹40,000 Fees

Invest for your future in Xen Education at an attractive package of 40k, ensuring a valuable return on your career advancement.

40000 fees

₹40,000 Fees

Invest for your future in Xen education at an attractive package of 40k, ensuring a valuable return on your career advancement.

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A Great Approach for Developing Your Talent.

Embark on an innovative journey to increase your proficiency in Node JS development. We present a new way to enhance your skills in this active field. We aim to build exceptional practical expertise in the fast-paced world of Node JS development. Through engaging in projects that resemble real-world Node JS applications, students develop the ability to apply their skills effectively in those contexts.

Xen Education, the best Node JS development institute in Wayanad, introduces an innovative method to enhance your proficiency in Node JS development. Our program develops your coding abilities and encourages problem-solving. With our expert guidance, you will capture the trouble of Node JS, navigate the challenges of server-side JavaScript development, and appear as a proficient Node JS developer. This modern pathway is designed to capture your coding creativity and set the stage for a successful career in the dynamic world of Node JS development.

one year
8 Months Duration
50+ modules
20+ Modules
40,000 fees
₹40,000 Fees

Window of Opportunities

At Xen Education, we believe in education as the key to unlocking countless career opportunities in the digital realm. Our Certified Node JS Development course in Wayanad provides a transparent view into the dynamic realms of Node JS development. With Xen education, you are not just studying; you are peering into the doorway to a world where your skills can open to exciting and rewarding paths.

NodeJS Freelancing

Become a Freelancer

Experienced Node JS developers with a strong portfolio can explore freelancing or consulting roles, leveraging their expertise in diverse projects and collaborations with various clients. Embracing independent work not only offers flexibility in managing work schedules but also provides a platform to showcase skills in dynamic contexts, build a versatile professional network, and gain exposure to different industries and challenges. Through education, developers can help increase their knowledge, ensuring they remain competitive, proficient, and innovative in the ever-changing landscape of web technologies.

Become an E-Commerce Specialist

E-commerce platforms often leverage Node JS for its ability to build dynamic and adaptable applications that handle real-time interactions. Node JS developers concentrate on e-commerce tasks like improving inventory management, streamlining order processing, and optimizing payment gateways. Experts can enhance online businesses by streamlining operations, boosting efficiency, and improving user experience. Leveraging Node JS for real-time applications, these developers are essential in the competitive e-commerce landscape, where responsiveness and scalability are crucial for growth and customer satisfaction.

NodeJS Ecommerce Specialist
Launch your startup

Become an API Developer

After completing your education in Xen, you can start a career as an API developer, leveraging the power of Node JS to create robust and scalable APIs. Node JS, with its event-driven and non-blocking architecture, excels at building efficient and high-performance APIs, making it an ideal choice for building real-time applications. With Node JS, you can seamlessly integrate with popular front-end frameworks like React or Angular. This synergy positions Node JS developers well to transition into full-stack development roles, as they already possess experience with both front-end and back-end technologies. This unity between Node JS and front-end technologies empowers developers to bridge the gap between server-side and client-side functionalities, growing a complete skill set.

Become a Node JS Developer

As the backbone of modern web applications, Node JS has emerged as a game-changer for developers seeking to streamline server-side operations. Its event-driven, non-blocking I/O model ensures lightning-fast performance, enabling seamless handling of concurrent connections and real-time data streaming. Node JS developers wield the power of Node JS to build lightning-fast and adaptable server-side applications that seamlessly handle surges in traffic. With a deep understanding of asynchronous programming and a vast ecosystem of modules, these developers can rapidly prototype and deploy robust APIs, microservices, and data-intensive applications.

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List Of Modules

  1. 1. Introduction to Node JS
  2. 2. Advantages of Node JS
  3. 3. Node JS Process Model
  4. 4. Node JS Modules
  5. 5. Functions, Buffer, Module
  6. 6. Node Package Manager
  7. 7. Creating Web Server
  8. 8. Sending Requests
  1. 9. File System
  2. 10. Fs.readFile, Writing a File
  3. 11. Opening a file, Deleting a File
  4. 12. Debugging Node JS Application
  5. 13. Core Node JS Debugger
  6. 14. Events
  7. 15. Event Emitter Class
  8. 16. Inheriting Events
  1. 17. Express JS
  2. 18. Configuring Routes
  3. 19. Serving Static Resources
  4. 20. Serving Static Files
  5. 21. Database
  6. 22. Connecting String, Configuring
  7. 23. Updating Records
  8. 24. Template Engines

What you will learn after the Node JS development course

Node JS Fundamentals

You will be well-prepared to advance your skills through Node JS Fundamentals after completing the Node JS Development Course at Xen Education. This continued learning experience is designed to ensure your success in the ever-evolving realm of Node JS development, providing you with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in your career.

Expertise In Node JS Development

After finishing Xen Education's Node JS Development Course, you will gain an extensive set of skills designed for a thriving career in web development. Prepare to write code, construct projects, and succeed in the lively realm of Node JS development with Xen Education.

Express Node JS Framework

After finishing Xen Education's Node JS Development Course, you will have the necessary skills to explore web development using the Express JS framework. This expertise will prepare you to successfully overcome practical obstacles and stand out in the dynamic field of web development. Prepare to enhance your abilities and begin your journey into the Node JS framework with Xen Education.

Asynchronous Programming

Upon proficiently finishing Xen Education's Node JS development Course, you will be well-positioned to explore the realm of Asynchronous Programming. This advanced topic builds upon the foundational skills you've acquired, empowering you to harness the full potential of asynchronous operations in Node JS.

Database Integration

The Node.js development course will equip you with the skills to explore Database Integration. This advanced topic allows you to extend your skills by integrating databases seamlessly into your Node JS applications. Get ready to master the art of integrating databases into your Node JS projects and elevate your capabilities in the dynamic field of web development.

API Development

After completing the Node JS development course, you'll gain the skills to develop RESTful APIs. This complex subject extends the fundamental skills learned in the course, enabling you to create, construct, and launch RESTful APIs through Node JS.

Why Should You Learn Node JS Development

What Makes Us Different

Practical learning

Practical Learning

We prioritize practical learning as the core of our approach. We go beyond theory, providing hands-on experiences that empower our students to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Daily exams

Daily Exams

Xen Education, the best Node JS development institute in Wayanad, bridges the gap between learning and practice through daily exams. Our students take theoretical and practical exams daily to enhance their academic excellence.

Working for real cliente

Working For Real Clients

One of the key elements that sets Xen Education apart is our commitment to students by providing an opportunity to work with real clients. They can actively participate in projects that involve genuine client work.

Placement assistance

Placement Assistance

At Xen Education, our commitment extends beyond training; we're dedicated to launching our students' careers. Our 100% placement assistance program includes mock interviews, resume preparation, and industry connections to ensure you're well-prepared for success.

Internship opportunity

Internship Opportunity

Xen Education provides a two-month internship program where students work on real-world projects, allowing them to apply their theoretical knowledge in practical settings.

Learn from industrial experts

Focus on Innovation

We encourage innovative thinking and creativity, fostering an environment where students can explore new ideas and methodologies.

Practial Learning
Work Environment

Enriching Internship program

We offer exhilarating internships guided by seasoned professionals. Gain hands-on experience, harness industry insights, and propel your career forward under the mentorship of experts.

Mentorship and Guidance

Career Growth

Industry Certification Partnerships

AI-Driven Learning

Industry Insight view

Networking Opportunities

Real-time Working Environment

Skill Development Section

Potential Job Offers

Hands-on projects

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