Creative Designing Experience with Xen Education.

Welcome to Xen Education, the best creative design institute in Wayanad, where we bring your creative ideas to life. Our program opens doors to graphic design, visual communication, and artistic expression. We believe in the power of design to transform and inspire your artistic talents. Our comprehensive course ensures you gain the skills to excel in the dynamic world of creative design.


6 Months Duration

Xen Education offers the best creative designing course in Wayanad, Which spans a focused 6-month duration (4-month course and 2-month internship).

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6 Months Duration

Xen Education offers the best creative designing course in Wayanad, Which spans a focused 6-month duration (4-month course and 2-month internship).


62+ Modules

As a leading institute, we offer comprehensive training through 62+ modules, preparing you for real-world success.


62+ Modules

As a leading institute, we offer comprehensive training through 62+ modules, preparing you for real-world success.

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100+ Tools

We provide over 100+ tools to support your success in creative design.


100+ Tools

We provide over 100+ tools to support your success in creative design.


₹20,000 Fees

Invest for your future at the best creative designing course in Wayanad, at an attractive package of 20k, ensuring a valuable return on your career advancement.


₹20,000 Fees

Invest for your future at the best creative designing course in Wayanad, at an attractive package of 20k, ensuring a valuable return on your career advancement.

Creative Designing

A New Different Way To Improve Your Skills.

Explore an innovative pathway to elevate your expertise in creative design. Xen Education offers a fresh approach to enriching your creative design abilities. Our goal is to develop practical skills that are in high demand in the ever-evolving creative design industry. Hands-on experiences empower students to implement these strategies effectively in real-world design projects.

Xen Education, the best creative designing institute in Wayanad, offers a fresh approach to enrich your creative design abilities. Our program enables your artistic skills and promotes expressive design. With our guidance, you will master design tools, grasp the difficulties of visual communication, and become an expert in creative design. It's a modern path to catch your creativity and launch a successful career in the future.

6 Months
62+ Modules
100+ Tools
₹20,000 Fees

Window of Opportunities

At Xen Education, we believe in education as the key to unlocking countless career opportunities in the digital realm. Our comprehensive courses, including the Certified Graphic Design course in Wayanad, provide a clear window into the dynamic fields of creative design. With Xen education, you are not just studying; you are peering into the doorway to a world where your skills can open to exciting and rewarding paths.


Become Graphic Designer

Start your journey as a graphic designer with Xen Education. Unleash your creativity and learn visual storytelling in our various courses. Our program immerses you in the graphic arts industry, giving you the skills to craft an excellent portfolio. Discover the latest design trends, effective visual communication, and success strategies in the dynamic world of graphic design. Enroll in our advanced Graphic Design Courses to master graphic design, setting you up for a successful career.

Become an Art Director

Our comprehensive programs are designed to help you cultivate your artistic vision, master fundamental design principles, and navigate the dynamic realm of graphic communication if you want to become an Art Director and begin your creative journey toward leadership in art and design. You will acquire a diversified skill set with mentorship from seasoned industry professionals and hands-on experience, equipping you for success as an Art Director ready to influence the visual narratives of the future.


Become a Branding Designer

With the help of Xen Education, you may unleash your creativity and gain a thorough understanding of the art and science of branding by pursuing a career as a branding designer. Our Graphic Design Course offers hands-on, practical experience in creating strong visual identities, crafting captivating brand stories, and developing workable design solutions. Explore the fields of marketing communication, brand strategy, and logo design as you embark on a mission to build brands that people will remember. Enroll in Xen Education and learn to position yourself as a highly sought-after branding designer in today's competitive job market.

Become a Motion Designer

Join Xen Education and start a thrilling journey towards becoming a Motion Designer. This is the place where you can let your imagination walk wild and become an expert in the visually captivating art of motion graphics and animation storytelling. Our comprehensive courses enable you to bring your creative ideas to life by providing you with practical, hands-on training in the newest industry-standard software. Whether you're passionate about making eye-catching ads, user interfaces, or immersive video content, Xen Education is the first step towards gaining the abilities and know-how required to succeed in the dynamic field of motion design.


Start a Print Production

Xen Education provides a comprehensive range of Print Production courses as part of our Graphic Design Course. It will help you to become an expert in starting a Print Production. Our programs are designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the fast-paced world of print media. Our courses cover everything from understanding the complexities of printing technologies to honing your design skills for print. You'll be well-prepared to begin a rewarding career in print production, where meticulous attention to detail and boundless creativity collide to bring ideas to life. Xen Education provides a transformative journey that paves the way for new and exciting opportunities in the ever-changing print industry through hands-on training and guidance from seasoned professionals. Join us now and start your journey to becoming a Print Expert.

List Of Modules

  • 1. Road Map to Graphic Design
  • 2. Typography Hierarchy
  • 3. Illustrations
  • 4. Color Theory
  • 5. Visual Design
  • 6. Handling Negative Space
  • 7. Balance And Proportion
  • 8. Infographics
  • 9. Minimalism
  • 10. Material Design
  • 11. Contrast And Emphasis
  • 12. Alignment And Spacing
  • 13. Branding
  • 14. Prototyping
  • 15. Pen Tablet Training (Drawing)
  • 16. Web Media
  • 17. Wireframing
  • 18. Creativity Enhancing Games
  • 19. Internship
  • 20. User Experience Design
  • 21. Packaging Design
  • 22. Logo Design
  • 23. Composition
  • 24. Brand Guidelines
  • 25. Vectorization
  • 26. Poster Design
  • 27. Brochure Design
  • 28. Balance
  • 29. Contrast
  • 30. Iconography
  • 31. Sketching
  • 32. Usability Testing
  • 33. Editorial Design
  • 34. Alignment
  • 35. Scale
  • 36. Print Design
  • 37. Information Architecture
  • 38. Illustration Techniques
  • 39. Prototype
  • 40. Mockup
  • 41. Image Manipulation
  • 42. Mood Boards
  • 43. Color Correction
  • 44. Product Design
  • 45. Calligraphy
  • 46. Visual Hierarchy
  • 47. Digital Painting
  • 48. Photographic Technique
  • 49. Color Palette
  • 50. DPI
  • 51. Lettering
  • 52. Blending Modes
  • 53. Masking
  • 54. Layers
  • 55. Flyer Design
  • 56. RGB
  • 57. CMYK
  • 58. Brochure
  • 59. Logo Evolution
  • 60. Icon Design
  • 61. Brushes
  • 62. Brush Lettering
  • 63. Portfolio Creation

What You'll Gain from the Creative Designing Course

Expertise in Graphic Design

You will have a broad skill set upon finishing Xen Education's Creative Designing Course, which will equip you for a career in design. You'll discover how to realize your imaginative concepts and master the craft of visual storytelling. Gaining software proficiency and grasping graphic design principles will enable you to produce visually captivating designs that captivate viewers.

Mastery of UI/UX Design

After finishing the Creative Designing Course at Xen Education, you can create engaging and user-centric digital experiences as a UI/UX Design Specialist. Throughout this course, you will learn how to create user-friendly interfaces, conduct user experience research, and create interactive designs.

Proficiency in Advanced Software

Xen Education's Creative Designing Course equips you with expertise in industry-standard software tools like Adobe Creative Suite. With these graphic design software skills, you can transform your creative concepts into reality, producing visually striking graphics, compelling marketing materials, and user-friendly web interfaces.

Mastering the Craft of Branding and Identity Design

The Creative Designing Course at Xen Education will equip you with the skills and knowledge to excel in Branding and Identity Design. This comprehensive course will teach you how to craft visually appealing brand identities that go beyond grabbing attention. You'll learn to create designs that resonate with your target audience, building a lasting connection.

Web & Mobile App Design Mastery

You will master web and mobile app design after completing Xen Education's Graphic Designing Course in Wayanad. You'll be able to create captivating digital experiences if you have a solid foundation in design principles, UX, and UI. This adaptable skill set paves the way for a rewarding design career. Join us in exploring your creativity.

Design Thinking

The Creative Designing Course at Xen Education goes beyond teaching mere aesthetics and technical skills. It cultivates a fundamental design thinking mindset, empowering you to approach challenges with a human-centered, innovative lens. This comprehensive program will help you master the art of empathizing with your target audience. You'll gain a deep understanding of their needs, aspirations, and pain points. Armed with these insights, you'll learn to reframe problems, ideate unconventional solutions, and rapidly prototype and test concepts.

Why Should You Learn Creative Designing

What Makes Us Different


Practical Learning

We prioritize practical learning as the core of our approach. We go beyond theory, providing hands-on experiences that empower our students to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.


Daily Exams

Xen Education, the best Creative design institute in Wayanad, bridges the gap between learning and practice through daily exams. Our students take theoretical and practical exams daily to enhance their academic excellence.


Working For Real Clients

One of the key elements that sets Xen Education apart is our commitment to students by providing an opportunity to work with real clients. They can actively participate in projects that involve genuine client work.


Placement Assistance

At Xen Education, our commitment extends beyond training; we're dedicated to launching our students' careers. Our 100% placement assistance program includes mock interviews, resume preparation, and industry connections to ensure you're well-prepared for success.


Internship Opportunity

Xen Education provides a two-month internship program where students work on real-world projects, allowing them to apply their theoretical knowledge in practical settings.


Focus on Innovation

We encourage innovative thinking and creativity, fostering an environment where students can explore new ideas and methodologies.


Enriching Internship program

We offer exhilarating internships guided by seasoned professionals. Gain hands-on experience, harness industry insights, and propel your career forward under the mentorship of experts.

Mentorship and Guidance

Career Growth

Industry Certification Partnerships

AI-Driven Learning

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Networking Opportunities

Real-time Working Environment

Skill Development Section

Potential Job Offers

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